Look! There is life in the brook.

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If you’ve been crazy enough to be out walking along the brook these last few freezing mornings you may have spotted Tanya and myself in an attractive pair of frog-green waders!

I was lucky enough to accompany Tanya (an officer from the environment team and Bristol City Council) on her annual invertebrate sampling trip!

We sampled 3 sites (1 in the beautiful Nightingale Valley, 1 just off smelly old Airport Rd and 1 in Stockwood near the Happy Shopper on Lynet Way) and found a total of 20 different beasties! These were as follows: Mayfly larvae, 5 different sorts of Cadisfly larvae, A dragonfly larvae, crane-fly larvae, black-fly larvae, 2 varieties of freshwater shrimp, freshwater hoglice, water snails, 3 types of flatworm, 2 varieties of leech, round worm and water mite.

What does this mean? Well, for an urban stream, the water quality isn’t terrible but it’s not fantastic either. Lynet way was the best followed by the site off Airport Rd and finally the site in Nightingale Valley. Tanya thinks the quality was lower in Nightingale Valley because of a suspected drainage mis-connection in the area which  Operation Streamclean are working to correct. On the whole, since Bristol City Council started monitoring in 1995, the water quality has improved dramatically and this is reflected in what creatures we found living in the stream. Hooray!


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