New proposed Children’s Play Area for Hungerford Road Open Space

Old oak to be removed

Please find attached details for the new play area proposed for Hungerford Road Open Space off Hungerford Gardens.

At this stage we are engaging West Town Lane Academy, Hungerford Community Centre Kidzone and Brislington Enterprise College on the ideas and the potential locations and would like to hear from local residents as well. We will of course be providing updates throughout our work on this project, either through letters, emails or via website pages.

Click here to look at the play area location options –this shows the 3 possible locations for the play area, as a result of discussions with Play and Flood Officers within the Council.

Option 1 – allows for a dry play area, raised up from any potential threat of flooding but is slightly hidden behind the houses in Hungerford Gardens.

Option 2 – places the proposed new play area on the old play area site, whilst clear lines of sight are available from the road, the land around is likely to be boggy.

Option 3 – places the play area closer to the houses on Hungerford Close, very visible but will need landscaping due to the slope and boggy nature of the area.

Click here to look at Hungerford Road WTLA survey – the survey that we are undertaking with a wide range of children from the area.

We would like to know your thoughts and ideas on the attachments, specifically the following:

  1. Option preference for the potential location of the play area (attachment 1)
  2. The potential to install five-a-side goalposts onto the kick about area
  3. The potential to install a youth shelter (see attachment 2 for picture) into the locality (precise location still to be confirmed & will depend on play area location)

To discuss or give your views on these options please email or telephone Dan Judges / 0117 352 5070 (if not available, please leave a message and contact details and he will phone you back as soon as possible), comments to be received by 21 February 2014.

Look forward to hearing from you


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