Brook Trail

Finally the Brislington Brook brass rubbing trail is complete! The paths have been resurfaced and the beautiful new entrances designed by local children and made by local blacksmith Paul Gulati ( have been installed. As you may well know, part of our original Heritage lottery funding was to develop a brass rubbing trail along the Brislington Brook corridor, this is a series of 9 plaques dotted along the Brislington Brook through St Anne’s Wood and Nightingale Valley. The trail, workshops and new paths and entrances were joint funded by Bristol City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, the Neighbourhood Partnership’s Wellbeing fund and the Heritage Lottery.

If you would like to download a trail leaflet you can do so here, or they will be available from local shops, schools and Wick Road Library soon.

These are some of the images created when we ran workshops with children at St Anne’s Juniors and the Kingfisher School to come up with inspiring images and ideas for the trail.

Here are some images from the workshops:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are the designs which have come out of the work done with schools and local community members plus the plans for footpath improvements.

Entrance Location Plan

St Annes Wood Path Improvements

Nightingale Valley Path Improvements

New steps (G)

New Steps (G) and Entrance E

The image below is of the new proposed path at the back of the new school on the old Wicklea site. This will join up the tarmac lane beside the school/Brooklea Health Clinic and the old set of steps leading up from the Packhorse Bridge.

Proposed line of  link path behind new school


3 Responses to Brook Trail

  1. R Forster says:

    I think that the proposals for St.Annes Wood are fantastic, but a pedestrian crossing is DESPERATELY needed on Newbridge Road to allow children to access it. It is a very busy road with a blind corner on the entrance to St.Annes Park. The woods have limited access due to the lack of traffic calming.

    • brookbabbler says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment. I will pass it on to the Council (I agree by the way) unfortunately it’s a lot harder to get the highways dept to agree to anything than it is the parks dept. If you have the time and the energy come along to one of the neighbourhood forum or neighbourhood partnership meetings and voice your concern oficially. The next forum is Tues 12th Nov 7-8:30pm at Broomhill Juniors. Thanks, Rowan

  2. Tony Carey says:

    Now then Brookbabbler, what a wonderful handle for someone leading this project.

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