Pilgrim’s Way

The Pilgrim’s Way is a sub-project of Discover Brislington Brook which is all about getting people interested in stories, writing, pilgrimage, medieval history, places, performance and celebration!

Although sadly neglected today, it is said St Anne’s Well was once one of the most important sites of pilgrimage in the British Isles – visited by royalty and noble men, sailors and merchants and good old Bristol Folk alike.

This year in July 2013 we will be putting on workshops and a pageant to recreate the medieval pilgrimage to St Anne’s. Have a look at the flyer below for more info

Pilgrim's Way 2013 copy


In May, June and July 2012 Show of Strength and Discover Brislington Brook took locals and non-locals alike on an exciting adventure exploring “The Pilgrim’s Way”.

A massive thank you to all those who wrote pieces, donned costumes and participated…It was a huge success!

Watch this space for poems and stories and the next installment of the Pilgrims Way! If you’d like to get involved in making the 2013 version even better then get in touch with us…

…In the meanwhile, check out the beautiful photos taken by Brislington’s very own Theresa Driscoll!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And this marvellous video by Andrzej Wawrowski


1 Response to Pilgrim’s Way

  1. Carl Larsen says:

    Hi Rowan, looks like an interesting and exciting event. I’m hoping to become involved as much as ai am able, but my walking the length of the pilgrimage is dubious; owing to arthritis. Anyway, if you have estimated times at key points along the way, I would be glad to see them. Carl Larsen

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